The Pacific NW in Instax

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My lovely wife Lizzy and I had a wonderful long weekend as guests of Liz’s sister Jess in her home in Tacoma.  While there we saw Seattle in the aftermath of it’s snowpocalypse, took a side trip to Portland, had astounding food and company with Jess’s friends, had a strangely disappointingly easy and undemanding experience with TSA, and had an all-around quality holiday.

Liz has always had a fondness for Polaroid photography, but alas, extant film for the old beast is hoarded like treasure these days.  So, despite my family’s traditional prohibition against buying items from one’s Christmas list the two months before Christmas, a comically enormous Fuji Instax 210 Instant Film Camera flew to Seattle with us, nuzzled in Lizzy’s luggage freshly loaded with both non-extinct film and lots of potential for documenting our explorations.  I’m glad it did.

The following are some of our experiences through Liz’s artful eye via scanned Instax Instant Film. Enjoy.

Seattle, WA – 11/24

Pike's Place Market Exterior

Pike’s Place Market – Iconic Seattle site. Not too busy since the weather was very familiar to Minnesotan norm.  At least MN is flat. (If you want to see how well ice and Seattle hills mix see this video from 2007. I’m told similar things happened last Monday.)

Portland, OR – 11/26-27

Portland - Porque No? 1

Portland - Porque No?

Porque No? on Mississippi Ave, Portland.  Liz and I have an insatiable appreciation for Mexican food, and this was hands-down among the best.  Go there if you have a chance. Their enclosed, heated patio is beside the restaurant proper, defying the perpetu-drizzle to hinder their taco-loving patrons.  The patio’s big windowed door slides open. (On the right side of the outdoor picture you can see the doorside with an antler handle and a hand pushing it open)

Portland - Annex Bar

I love it when city blocks produce opportunities for the most unseemly buildings.  Way to go Annex Bar, rocking your entire 10 sq/ft of floor space.  They say it’s a great place to people watch.  You can get a T-shirt for $19.99

Portland - Ace Hotel

Portland - Ace Hotel

Across from the Fish Grotto stands the Ace Hotel, with a good old-style photobooth in the lobby.  Our room was nice and cozy, and I didn’t mind that the nearest bathroom was in the showerroom at the stairway landing.  Liz has always wanted to go here with me, and it was great.  Centrally located to many wonderful places to explore.

Portland - Floating homes

I know they’re likely a few million dollars, but Liz and I think it’d be nice to have a floating house in a floating neighborhood.  Maybe someday we’ll rig our dream-Scamp to a floaty raft and moor it somewhere.  Yeah, now that’s the life.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any photos of Tacoma even though we spent the largest portion of our time there.  It was good to be with Jess and see the environs that host her life, both currently and in the past during her studies.  We did fun stuff and it was good to simply share time.

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