No Luck Atoll – a Fiasco Playset

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A while back, a post on gave me the inclination to play a Gilligan’s Island themed playset for Bully Pulpit GamesFiasco, but I was unable to locate anything that seemed to fit the bill.  Obviously, the only answer was to write my own…

The PDF talks a little about tone, as there is a mixture of both frivolous and darker elements in the list.  Generally, the zaniness tends to occur for the lower numbers, so if you want a more serious tone, keep the small numbers for the Relationships tables, or for the second pick in Needs, Locations, and Items.


1 Family
1 Parent and child
2 Siblings
3 Cousins, or aunt/uncle and nephew/niece
4 Grandparent and grandchild
5 Long lost relations finally reunited
6 Have just become related by a marriage in the family

2 Work
1 Boss and subordinate
2 Co-workers
3 Former co-workers
4 One got the other their job
5 Hired help and employer
6 From rival companies/firms

3 The Past
1 Friends since childhood
2 Never been able to stand one another
3 A mentor and former student
4 One is responsible for the other’s downfall
5 Perpetrator of a crime and the victim
6 Share a dark secret

4 Romance
1 Current spouses
2 Former spouses
3 Childhood sweethearts, finally reunited
4 Lovers
5 Former lovers
6 Lovers, that have just become related by a marriage in the family

5 Crime
1 Thick as thieves
2 An officer of the law and the innocent person being pursued
3 An officer of the law and the guilty person being pursued
4 Were both in the brig
5 Former cellmates
6 Drug smugglers

6 Ship shaped
1 Stowaways
2 Ship-board romance
3 Passenger and crew
4 Officer and crew member
5 Were sharing a cabin
6 Have been shipwrecked together before


1 To win…
1 …big in the turtle race
2 …a talent contest
3 …back a family heirloom
4 …a race for leadership
5 …the heart of another
6 …your freedom

2 To break…
1 …a voodoo curse
2 …up a relationship
3 …the news gently
4 …new scientific ground
5 …a long-standing feud
6 …up the group

3 To hide…
1 …from family
2 …from The Family
3 …from the law
4 …from the demands of the world
5 …a dark past
6 …a way off of the island

4 To avoid…
1 …becoming savages
2 …whatever prowls the island
3 …having to tell anyone the truth
4 …an embarrassing scene
5 …anyone knowing you are here
6 …being on the island when it happens

5 To discover…
1 …how to make money off the island
2 …a lost tribe
3 …what is preventing escape
4 …lost memories
5 …the saboteur
6 …the identity of the killer

6 To finish…
1 …an ancient ritual
2 …the important experiment
3 …what you started
4 …your remaining days on the island
5 …that deal
6 …off your target


1 Built by the castaways
1 A relaxing spa
2 A golf course
3 A restaurant
4 A sentry tower
5 An SOS signal
6 A raft

2 Potential treasure
1 A lost city of gold
2 “X marks the spot”
3 A gold mine
4 A sunken pirate ship
5 An oil field
6 A large field of marijuana

3 Signs of natives
1 A giant, stone monkey head (the second biggest you’ve seen)
2 A working bamboo aqueduct
3 A totem pole, with a very unusual figure depicted
4 A clearing, surrounded by shrunken heads
5 A creepy temple
6 An abandoned village

4 Out of place
1 A metal hatch, marked with a sequence of numbers
2 A modern high-street, covered with vines, in the middle of the jungle
3 A giant stone door
4 A meteor impact site
5 A radio tower
6 A run-down research facility

5 Wrecks
1 Crash site of a space craft
2 A downed hot air balloon or zeppelin
3 A U-boat in the branches of a huge tree
4 A cargo ship, with a hole in the hull that was punched through from the inside…
5 A wreckage of a passenger aircraft
6 The wreck of the ship you were sailing on

6 Natural features
1 A hot spring
2 A fiery volcano
3 A luscious lagoon
4 A towering waterfall
5 A sticky tar pit
6 An adjacent island


1 A bamboo…
1 …Geiger counter
2 …generator
3 …record player
4 …washing machine
5 …water wheel
6 …telescope

2 From the chemistry set
1 Home-made glue
2 A phosphorus dye
3 A formula that unleashes the beast within
4 Rat poison
5 A renewable power source
6 A miraculous cure

3 Wildlife
1 A confused polar bear
2 A cheeky chimp
3 A talkative parrot
4 A frisky gorilla
5 A sleeping tiger
6 A caged lion

4 Oddities
1 A wooden puppet pierced by a whale’s tooth
2 A volleyball with a handprint
3 A well-thumbed copy of the Bible
4 A curious idol
5 A dowsing rod
6 An unopened parcel

5 Technological
1 A sophisticated android
2 A Mars lander
3 A jet pack
4 A submarine
5 A radio transmitter
6 An unexploded bomb

6 A chest…
1 …of magician’s tricks
2 …of movie props
3 …of cannonballs
4 …with supplies of food and water
5 …filled with pirate treasure
6 …containing a dead body

Tilt Table

1 Disastrous
1 A monstrous typhoon
2 An imminent tsunami
3 The island is sinking
4 A volcanic eruption
5 A catastrophic failed experiment
6 The End of the World

2 The natives arrive…
1 …looking for a marriage match
2 …in need of a sacrifice
3 …and demonstrate the castaways to be the real savages
4 …and put the castaways through some trials
5 …and mistake the castaways for gods
6 …and turn out to be cannibals

3 Someone new arrives…
1 …and provides the best chance of escape
2 …looking for one of the castaways
3 …seeking the island’s secrets
4 …looking to silence the castaways
5 …with terrible news
6 …with evidence of an impostor

4 A chance for escape…
1 …never seemed so close
2 …never seemed so impossible
3 …no longer seems a good idea
4 …was never more important
5 …leads to even bigger problems
6 …depends on leaving someone behind

5 Group dynamics
1 A romantic pairing has unforeseen consequences
2 A rift forms
3 Someone finally confesses their love
4 Someone takes things too far
5 Someone gets left out
6 Someone vanishes

6 Revelations
1 “I knew it: aliens!”
2 Signs of new life are found
3 “This has all happened before…”
4 This is where everyone needed to be
5 It’s all someone’s fault
6 The island isn’t what everyone thought

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