Heroic Roleplaying Events – Batman’s Arkham Asylum!

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I’m pleased to promote the immense creative effort put forth by guest blogger Esteban Jauregui Lorda (“Willen” or “Estebs” on forums) in this 51-page, 3-Act Arkham Asylum Batman Event for Marvel Heroic Roleplaying. Enjoy! ~ Adam

Batman's Arkham Asylum Event Book for Marvel Heroic Roleplaying

Hi there!

Ever since learning of Marvel Heroic Roleplaying, and especially thanks to the very enthusiastic gang at RPG.net, I have been itching to run the game. I got the PDF, read it and my mind blew up, as probably happened to many of you.

However… I’m not really a Marvel guy.


Let me get this straight: I love superheroes, and I enjoy some Marvel here and there. Seen the movies, one of my all-time best memories of chidlhood (well… teenage-hood in any case) are of the X-Men cartoons… but overall, I am a DC guy. I started reading comics in the 90s, with Griffen and DeMateis’ Justice League, I fell in love with Flash, and have a soft spot for Booster Gold and Blue Beetle (Ted Kord, not the new kid. Ted, RIP). My players are somewhat in the same boat.

Now, running a superhero RPG has been extremely difficult for me in my 15+ years of GMing. We tried FASERIP (perhaps the longest ever superhero run we achieved), we tried Silver Age Sentinels, I have BASH! UE there waiting for a test run… but the hard truth is that I have never been able to engage my players in a superhero game. Why? I believe it is because it’s sooo dificult to replicate all those crazy little things that make comics so awesome with a “simulation” game – aka RPG.

Making Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Our Own

Marvel Heroic Roleplaying seemed different than the previous games we’ve tried. It was different. I needed to appeal to my players and friends (especially the old gang, which I have been having trouble dragging into a game as we get older, err… more busy with real lives and jobs). I needed a superhero we love, we could relate to, a superhero that no other game had been able to replicate in all his glory: The Dark Knight. The Bat himself.

So there I am, reading the RPG.net threads about MHR, when someone mentions just grabbing a comic issue and running it as an Event. I was playing Arkham City on the PC and thought, “Hey, this games would make great Events!” So I started writing, taking its plot, looking for datafiles, and making my own. My aim was to lay it down as an Event, similar to the Breakout Event in the Basic Game.

Outcome: Arkham Asylum

The PDF below is the result of over a month of work—my gaming notes organized into book format—for you to draw inspiration from, if you are so inclined. I myself am midway through running this event for my local group.

Although it’s not yet perfect—English is not my first language—I wanted to offer it in its current form so others could benefit from it. As such, comments, ideas, and criticism are not only welcomed, but desired! I’d love to hear what you think of the Event!

Batman's Arkham Asylum: An Event for Marvel Heroic Roleplaying
2.4 MiB

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Batman's Arkham Asylum: An Event for Marvel Heroic Roleplaying
2.4 MiB

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I am a 30-year-old aeronautical engineer who has been roleplaying for--literally--half his life. I started with Rolemaster, and since then have explored many, many games, mainstream and obscure. Raising my daughter into this incredible world of imagination and creativity with my lovely wife, I sometimes even have time to contribute something to it as well!