Generic Marvel Milestones

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This article is a collection of generic milestones, inspired by various characters in Marvel comics. The goal is to offer a list for players to grab from that either drives roleplaying in a new direction, or fills a space when no other Milestones seems to fit a character at the moment. If people enjoy this article and find it useful, we will add more in the future, perhaps with player xp unlocks to go with the Milestones.

Milestones for Any Hero


You’re happy to do other people’s dirty work, until you’re not.

1 xp When you get orders from an agency, or send information back to them.
3 xp When you successfully use an information based asset you have created against someone.
10 xp When you are captured and brainwashed by an enemy, turn double agent, or come in from the cold.

Hard Up

Even your money tree is dying.

1 xp when you talk about money issues, or refuse to do something because of costs.
3 xp when not having enough money becomes a central conflict or confrontation in a scene, or when you accept a job you are uncomfortable with because it pays well.
10 xp when you get evicted, lose a steady job, or hit it big either by scrupulous or unscrupulous means.

Amazing Spider-Man Vol 2 31

Amazing Spider-Man Vol 2 #31

I Heart NY

It’s your city, why not heart it?

1 xp When you spend time out in the city enjoying yourself, or wear a “I <3 NY” t-shirt, hat, etc.
3 xp When you successfully protect or defend a portion of the city, or battle at a famous NYC landmark.
10 xp When you either become a regular part of the NYC public scene, or you become tainted by the city’s negative aspects.

In Business

You work hard for your money.

1 xp when you discuss your business with potential clients, competitors, or partners.
3 xp when you close an important deal or an important deal falls through at the last minute.
10 xp when you expand into new territory, or retire as CEO.

On Patrol

The mean streets won’t patrol themselves.

1 xp when you encounter a crime in progress while on patrol.
3 xp when your patrols are the center of a conflict in your daily life.
10 xp when you gain a reputation for patrolling your neighborhood, or you give up patrolling.


Being rank and file isn’t all bad.

1 xp when you follow an active order, or report for orders.
3 xp when you follow a leader into battle and your side wins the conflict.
10 xp when you get promoted, or become bitter because your actions are not being rewarded.


Can you save the world and still get the grade?

1 xp when you attend class during a scene.
3 xp when attending class is the cause of conflict or stress.
10 xp when you become the favored student/star pupil, or when you fail the class.

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