FAE Warhammer 40k Battles: Space Marines vs Tyranids on Corvalis 6

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Cover of The Death of Integrity by Guy Haley

Cover image from The Death of Integrity: Space Marine Battles by Guy Haley


Since we’ve developed the primary components of both Space Marine and Tyranid armies for  Warhammer 40k roleplaying using Fate Accelerated Edition (FAE), here’s a short scenario pitting a squad of Adeptus Astartes against a Tyranid assault. For an interesting challenge, try adapting this scenario with the players as a handful of Tyranids leading their swarm against several squads of marines.

Introduction: Corvalis 6 — Space Marine fortress outpost briefing chamber

“Brother Marines;

A recent space battle broke a wave of Hive Fleet Leviathan’s assault forces, scattering them. The Astronomican reports that one Tyranid vessel has entered the Corvalis system. This world and its fuel resources are vital to the Imperial fleet in this sector. Our duty is clear; the plasma processing facility must not fall.

Squad Invictus, proceed to the facility, and hold until relieved.”

Scene One: Plasma Processing Facility—nightfall

Blood Angel Assault Marines

Blood Angel Assault Marines

Situation Aspects: Space Marine Rhino APC, Plasma Conduits, Massive Scaffolding, Approaching Dusk

The PC squad of Space Marines deploys in a Rhino APC, with orders to defend the huge automated fuel-processing plant. Six-story high scaffolding supports conduits and pipes big enough for a grown man to walk through. Narrow passages between the huge buildings create natural choke-points for the battle to come. The Rhino Aspect can be invoked to take advantage of its mobility, its armor, and its turret-mounted bolters.

Two Ripper Swarms, a Gargoyle Swarm, and a Hormagaunt Brood attack the facility from the mountains to the north just before sunset. Once night falls, Spore Mines drift into the facility, threatening to breech the containment of the Plasma Conduits. Meanwhile, a Trygon is industriously burrowing its way beneath the processing plant and will drop the squad’s Rhino into a pit, wrecking it, if possible.

Scene Two: The Pass—daybreak

As dawn breaks, a Thunderhawk Gunship arrives with additional ammo and reinforcements. Any surviving Tyranids pull back, and Squad Invictus receives orders to pursue.

“We must find the Tyranid landing zone. Once it is located, it can be virus-bombed.”

Situation Aspects: Space Marine Rhino APC, Narrow Mountain Pass, Jagged Rock Formations, Any Loud Noise Could Cause A Landslide

The retreating xenomorphs withdraw to the north, funneled into a narrow, steep-sided pass. Little do the Space Marines realize (or perhaps they do), but the pursuers are heading into an ambush!

Two Termagant Broods, a pair of Shrikes, and six Tyranid Warriors line the edges of the pass, ready to unleash their fire upon the Marines below. A Lictor prowls among the broken rocks, ready to circle behind the PCs and pick off stragglers. If it manages to eat someone’s brain, it learns about the impending virus bomb attack!

Scene Three: Mycetic Spores

Blood Angels Death Company

Blood Angels Death Company against a Tyranid swarm

Should Squad Invictus survive the ambush and make it through the pass, they find the cracked Mycetic Spore drop pods that brought the Tyranids to Corvalis 6 in a high valley. Vox communication to the fortress outpost identifies the location for virus bombing—but Tyranind Raveners can sense vox frequencies; the Tyranids are alerted to the danger and ready to scatter! Squad Invictus must keep them contained within the valley.

Situational Aspects: Time is Running Out, Puddles of Seeping Mucous, Toxic Vapors, (and the Rhino, if it survived)

A Hormagaunt Brood, three Tyranid Warriors, and a Hive Tyrant guard the landing zone. The Hive Tyrant will force-hatch additional Ripper Swarms should he feel the need for reinforcements.  Two Raveners lurk in burrows beneath the valley floor. A Carnifex stomps around the perimeter of the shattered Mycetic spore shells, ready to charge anything non-Tyranid that moves.

Eight exchanges after the PCs vox message to the fortress outpost, the Thunderhawk arrives, delivering a virus bomb that obliterates all life in the valley. Ideally when that happens, all the Tyranids should be in the valley, and all of the Marines outside it. If even a single Ripper escapes, Corvalis 6 could be doomed!

“For the Emperor!”


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