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The following is a write-up of a race I enjoy from 4e Dungeons & Dragons written for Mindjammer Press‘s recently published game Monsters & Magic.


Dragonborn concept by William O'Connor

Dragonborn concept by William O’Connor

Dragonborn are a proud and noble race of draconic humanoids whose ancient empire once spanned the known world. Now scattered in clans, fiercely proud of their heritage, and sharing both the strength and cunning of dragon-kind, dragonborn make formidable warlords, leaders, and restless adventurers. Their build and scaled hides make them somewhat less nimble than other races and occasionally looked on with suspicion, but what they lack they make up for in intensity and fervor.

Dragonborn Traits

All dragonborn get the following traits:

  • Noble and Ancient Fallen Heritage: though some treat you as an outsider, many respect the honor of the dragonborn or at least their strength.
  • Tooth and Scale: your natural protections such as claws, fangs, horns, and scales make you tough and dangerous regardless of your equipment.
  • Speak Draconic: in addition to the Common tongue. You may learn one additional language per point of INT bonus.
  • Pride and Fury: when you have fewer than half your maximum physical hit points, you gain a +1 bonus on all attacks.
  • Dragonblood: whenever you roll your physical hit die, roll twice and use the higher result. Whenever you regain physical hit points from healing efforts (not from passing time), regain +1 extra PHP.
Dragonborn Paladin - Wizards of the Coast

Dragonborn Paladin – Wizards of the Coast

Chromatic-scale dragonborn get the following additional adjustment and trait:

  • +2 Strength
  • Elemental Dragonbreath: choose a scale color and associated element for your dragonbreath: Red—fire, Blue—Lightning, Green—Poison, Black—Acid, White—Cold. Your dragonbreath is a Close-range cone Area Effect using either CON or STR, chosen permanently at character creation. You may use your Dragonbreath once per day unless you spend a major effect on a CON action check to recharge it.

Metallic-scale dragonborn get the following additional adjustment and trait:

  • +2 Charisma
  • Dragonfear: sometimes your draconic bearing is enough to make foes hesitate. When rolling initiative for a conflict, you may make a free action check using either CON or CHA (chosen permanently at character creation) against a target or construct appropriate to your scale (ie one individual at adventurer, a handful at heroic, a band at epic, a host at legendary, etc). Targets resist with WIS or CHA and on a simple failure, they stand stunned for the first round. Stunned targets are treated as surprised and must roll their defences.
Dragonborn male female pair

by William O’Connor
Wizards of the Coast

Dragonborn Adjustments

All Dragonborn have the following adjustments:

  • -2 Dexterity
  • Either your Focus, Drift, or Goal must relate to your pride, honor, heritage, or the lure of hoarding valuables.
  • Except with good reason and GM approval, Dragonborn are rarely chaotic, bards, or magic users.


What do you think? I’m eager to incorporate feedback into improving this race option for M&M.

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