Sword & Sorcery Heroic Roleplaying – Adventures: “Tower of the Elephant”

We return now to an Age of High Adventure!

Tower of the Elephant is considered by many to be one of the best Conan stories. In it, Robert E. Howard blends atmospheric details about the Hyborian Age, an unusual and almost science-fictional element, and just a touch of Lovecraftian horror with a tale of low-life daring.

This version of Tower of the Elephant is an adventure suitable for a pair of heroes—characters suited, either by skill or by inclination, to commit a robbery. In the original tale, the pair are Conan and a talented thief named Taurus, who’s datafile is provided within.

In what may in fact be the origin of a time-honored fantasy tradition, our pair of erstwhile criminals meet in a tavern…

— Tower of the Elephant first appeared in the March 1933 issue of Weird Tales.


Conan: Tower of the Elephant by Sanjulian

Tower of the Elephant
Tower of the Elephant
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