Hello world!

Well I’ve set up and proved it by editing this message, but that’s it. Haven’t had a chance to re-format WordPress’s defaults yet. We’ll see what happens from here.

Now I give you my two mascot heroes: Two tiny, insatiable explorers of the inexhaustible ocean: An unusually beautiful bioluminescent shrimp living in an amazing sponge, the Venus Flower Basket. May I share their beauty and appreciative spirit! 🙂

National Geo Global Winner 2009 - Photograph by William Goodwin, United States

About Adam

I'm a husband, father, explorer of the inexhaustible, and synergy cultivator. Starting with D&D, my explorations into role-playing and game design have brought me to savor mining diverse systems, initially Cortex Plus, then PbtA, ORE, Forged in the Dark, and now anything I can get my hands on.