Recap of Recent Musing: X-Com and One Piece

I’ve been pretty busy with some exciting projects lately, so I unfortunately haven’t been blogging in far too long. I aim to get back into it. Here are a couple things that have been consistent on my radar: X-Com and One Piece RPGs.


There’s been a good amount of continued interest in X-Com RPG and it is definitely still exciting me, so I intend to tighten that up into to a playable state shortly. I have a variation on an ORE Reign One-roll monster generation idea I’d like to use for the Enemy Unknown Toolbox.

I also have a compilation of rules for a complete system in the works. If you leave a comment I can email you access to the work in progress to see what you think. The first draft needs some serious simplification, but it’s a solid effort. What else would you like to see?

One Piece RPG

I still want to bring Luffy, Devil Fruit, the Grand Line, and One Piece’s Age of Pirates to tabletop. I mentioned the idea of a One Piece RPG based on Smallville RPG a while ago and the idea has stuck with me. I’d love to see the diverse Devil Fruit types and abilities and races expressed as Smallville Heritages or other Cortex Plus dice tricks (such as Rob Donoghue’s recent ideas such as Cracking Dice). I think One Piece could be a good venue for trying some antagonistic or multi-character storytelling techniques that have persistently intrigued me about Capes and Microscope.

I’m trying to decide whether Relationships and Values work as the primary Drives for the action in One Piece or if one or both should be replaced with something else (or the Values modified to better fit the Age of Pirates)

What do you think are the two primary Drives of action, and plot in One Piece storytelling? I could use the feedback. If you are unfamiliar with One Piece check it out at but prepare for truly epic storytelling, epic in the classic sense. This tale, its characters, and setting are vast, rich, and fascinating.

I’d love your feedback. Leave a comment. Do you have questions or thoughts about either of these game ideas? What else would you like me to explore?

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