Pioneering a New Domain

Exploring a nebula

Hubble Views Grand Star-forming Region. Image Credit: NASA

Welcome to Exploring Infinity‘s new home!

In an effort to better provide clear access to helpful, excellent, exploratory content, we’ve moved to a new domain and redesigned the site.

I’m pleased that the redesign offers more control over our aesthetics and better credit for my esteemed collaborators for the great work they’re doing serving the gaming and storytelling community through their creativity.

The site is definitely still a work in progress, so I’d love any feedback on usability, aesthetics, and content. Either leave a comment below, or send a message here.

Meanwhile, enjoy exploring some of the most frequented pages from the old domain:

About Adam

I'm a husband, an explorer of the inexhaustible, and a hunter for unexpected synergies and collaborative potentials. My explorations into RPGs began with running D&D games, though lately I enjoy mining the potentials of diverse systems, especially Cortex Plus.