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I’m once again pleased to promote the work of a new guest blogger. I have a soft spot for Iron Man, so I’m excited about Kyle Sears’ work evident in this 2-Act Armor Wars Event for Marvel Heroic Roleplaying. Watch for another Event from Kyle coming later this week. Enjoy! ~ Adam

Iron Man & The Armor Wars #1 by Skottie YoungI hadn’t played a tabletop RPG before, but when I discovered that Marvel Heroic Roleplaying was in production, I followed every Twitter message and forum post I could find. I play with a regular board gaming group, and convinced them to give an RPG a try. We ran the Breakout arc with eight players, plus me as the Watcher. When we wrapped up the first Act, everyone was excited to play again.

No one at the table other than me was familiar with comics beyond the Marvel films and occasional trivia, but eventually people got into character. Iron Man’s player even brought a prop bottle of whiskey! I knew that we had a hit on our hands, and did not want the momentum to wane as we waited for another event to be published, so I ventured into unknown territory and wrote up a request from our Iron Man fan.

Armor Wars!

Game Setup

I use Heroclix minis to help my non-comic reading friends to visualize their characters and the villains we face.  As a result, much of my selection of which villains to include was based on availability of Heroclix figures. On the plus side, you should be able to find minis for each character in the Event.  On the negative side, your favorite might not be there. I also created custom action tokens for each character to indicate when each character acted, but a notebook will do just fine.


The Armor Wars Event follows the Breakout Event, with A.I.M. hiring the recently escaped Wrecking Crew to steal Stark technology. I am setting up suspicions within S.H.I.E.L.D. for our team, which makes Act Two more compelling based on our previous history. The conclusion sets up a future Winter Soldier event, but feel free to modify it based on your team’s interest and direction.

Also, you’ll notice that the villains are scaled up to a degree. This is to compensate for running a table with 8+ players. It provides a challenge while still letting each hero show off in the midst of peril.

Armor Wars
Armor Wars
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About Kyle Sears

I'm a 32 year old pastor who lives outside of Austin, TX. My children get a regular dose of my geek lifestyle through reading comics and playing board games. I recently began running a Marvel Heroic Roleplaying ongoing game, my first RPG experience. My wife and I are preparing to travel to Korea as we adopt our son into our geek family!