Along Came a Spider: Choose Your Own Marvel Adventure

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A week or two ago, on the MWP forums, the user Supplanter mentioned that he would like to see a choose-your-own-adventure style introduction to the Marvel Heroic Roleplaying rules—something to guide a new player or prospective Watcher through an Action Scene or two and show how the various rules sub-systems link together.

The idea intrigued me, in part because I had never written an adventure in that format before. I couldn’t help thinking about how I would approach the project:  It would have to be based on datafiles available in the Basic Game… It should show off not just how to pick dice to match actions and how Stress works—it should show off how Assets, Complications, and Scene Distinctions all interact… It should (hopefully) spark ideas in the mind of a prospective Watcher about how the story might continue…

Choose your own Marvel Adventure

The result is Along Came A Spider, a two-scene solitaire adventure for Marvel Heroic Roleplaying. It turned out to be a lot more difficult to construct than I initially anticipated:  If they were written out in standard Event format, these scenes would fit on a single page—as a solitaire adventure they fill over thirty paragraphs!

If gamers new to the Marvel Heroic Roleplaying rules find this walkthrough useful and enjoyable, I’ll call that effort well spent. Excelsior!

Along Came A Spider
Along Came A Spider
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