Centennial Post: Marvel Heroic Giveaway

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Happy Friday fellow explorers!

This post marks our one hundredth post here on Exploring Infinity, so why not celebrate with a giveaway?

As you may have noticed, most of our posts over the last four months have focused on MWP’s Marvel Heroic Roleplaying. We think it’s a magnificent game and we’ve loved exploring and sharing ideas, content, and tools to enhance your game.

As such, we’re all to happy to give away a copy the new Civil War Event Book in PDF format so you too can dive deep into the action, the heroics, and the fun.

To qualify for the Civil War giveaway, simply leave a comment on this post with your answer to the following question:

Which hero—or villain—are you most eager to bring to the tabletop and why? Any character works. If you need ideas, check out our Informal Datafile Index.

We’ll announce a winner next Friday so be sure to leave your comment before Friday, July 20th!

Check out a handful of reviews about the Civil War Event Book. Please spread the word!

Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Civil War Premium Cover

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