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Welcome to this week’s post on Invincible!

WARNING! This post includes a summary and spoilers for Invincible #2. Go check out that comic book before reading forward, or don’t blame me for spoiling a plot twist or revelation.

Due to the volume of characters incorporated into the Invincible universe by its second issue, I will be splitting this issue’s review into 2 parts.

INVINCIBLE #2 – Review

We learn the story of Nolan Grayson, Mark’s father, as he explains his origins to his very young son in a flashback. He comes from Viltrum, a planet where society reached a perfect state and seeks out other cultures to bring them their teachings and benefits, if they are ready. Nolan enlisted in the World Betterment Comittee, eventually discovering and surveying Earth. Even though our planet was deemed not ready for Viltrumite intervention, he was authorised to relocate to Earth to defend it from possible threats.

Nolan established himself on the planet, discovering his natural abilities to be very superior to human standards. He became a hero and met Deborah. Mark, as a Viltrumite half-breed, will surely manifest Nolan’s abilities since Viltrumite DNA is known to aggressively overpower other DNA.

Invincible banner_2_1Back in the present, Mark is awake at night and decides to fly away. He spots a hulking man stealing crates of video-game consoles, and while they are fighting, the Teen Team (composed of Robot, Atom Eve, Rex Splode and Dupli-Kate) appears. Mark knocks the villain out, gaining the team’s respect.

At school the next day, Mark discovers Atom Eve is his classmate Samantha Wilkins. They fly to the Teen Team base where Robot explains that he erased the Mauler’s memory of last night (the defeated enemy is one of two twins, named the Mauler Twins). They release him, and the villain leads them to his brother… Apparently the twins needed the consoles to finish an army of robots! Invincible, Robot and Atom Eve break in and finish them off.

Meanwhile, at Twin Pines Mall, a classmate who had been missing wakes up with a vest attached. It counts down to zero, and a massive explosion shakes the place.

Main Characters new in #2

The Teen Team

Atom Eve – aka Samantha Eve Wilkins (datafile in this post!)

Rex Splode – aka Rex Sloan (datafile in this post!).

Robot – Identity unknown

Dupli-Kate – aka Kate Cha

Support Characters

The Mauler Twins

Scenes for Invincible #2

Mauler Meetup

There are two Action Scenes in this issue. The first involves a direct brawl between Invincible and one of the Twins, in a POORLY LIT ALLEY  with lots of CARGO CRATES around.

The Teen Team shows up, but other than distracting the Villain, their impact is minimal.

Twins Takedown

The second Scene frames Atom Eve, Robot, and Invincible breaking into the Twins’ hideout. The place is clearly a HIGH TECH LAB but encroached in a POOR NEIGHBOURHOOD.

If the Twins had not been so cocky about their chances (since they had never faced Invincible before), they could have activated the BARELY FINISHED ROBOT ARMY, with the following profile:

Barely Finished Robot Army

Solo d4 – Buddy d6 – Team 4d8
High-Tech Marvel – Unfinished – Exposed Cables
Mechanical Men Power Set:
Clubbing Hands d8 – Plating d8
SFX: Area Attack (as per the OM).
Limit: Mob. Each Affiliation Team die can be targeted separately by Area Attack, and is removed with d10 Stress or Complication.
Limit: Mechanical. Add a d6 to the Doom Pool when affected by Effects directed to metals or AIs.
Specialties: Combat Expert.

Looking Ahead

Next Week: Part 2, the next two datafiles for the Teen Team and datafile for the Mauler Twins!


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