Exploring Invincible #3 – Earth Invasion!

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WARNING! This post includes a summary and spoilers for Invincible #3. Go check out that comic book before reading forward, or don’t blame me for spoiling a plot twist or revelation.

Invincible Issue #3 Cover

INVINCIBLE #3 – Summary

Dean Winslow of Mark’s high school gives the rundown of the latest situation: three boys, Mark’s fellow students, have gone missing for some time now. Search attempts have turned up nothing so far. Mark and Sam (Atom Eve) also discuss terrible bombings at local malls, two in less than three weeks.

They also reach some milestones about their lives; Mark about being at school, Sam about making it clear to Mark that she is dating Rex and is not interested, in case he thinks otherwise.

Mark gets fed up at the Burger Mart and quits… he is worried that his dad is going to kill him as a result, but it all works out fine in the end. In fact, Omni-Man and Invincible start patrolling together, while Nolan explains how Viltrumites get more powerful as they age. Due to Mark’s hybrid Viltrumite-human DNA, he is unsure if he will ever be as powerful as a pure Viltrumite like his dad.

Suddenly, however, Omni-Man needs his son Invincible’s help for… something. A massive army of green-skinned aliens is invading the US! Father and son hold the line trying to push them back into the portal from which they come; but after a few minutes, it becomes clear that the aliens’ dimension’s time is different from ours… they age incredible fast while on Earth!

The heroes hold on and eventually the aliens retreat into their portal. The day saved, father and son fly back home, at which point Omni-Man hears trouble at Lakeside Mall. They arrive to find one of Mark’s missing college buddies with a bomb strapped to his chest, the detonator clock ticking down. Before the your man can give any useful information about the situation, the counter reaches zero and Omni-Man throws him through the roof to explode over them.

While Nolan thinks the threat is over, a small portal opens behind his back, one of the green aliens appears, clasps some kind of device to Nolan’s head, and both disappear. Mark is suddenly left to his own devices, with the difficult task of breaking the news of his father’s abduction to his mum.

Support Characters:

The Flaxans

Inv3_Flaxans_v2 datafile thumbnail

Scenes for Invincible #3

Flaxan Invasion

The alien invasion of these, initially unknown, green-skinned aliens is met with full force by US military forces. Thankfully, first contact is in the middle of the desert, in a BARREN WASTELAND. The MILITARY JETS and US ARMY TANKS are not enough to hold the line against the HORDES OF ALIENS, but Omni-Man and Invincible’s presence manages to stall the swarming invaders until their accelerated aging drives them back into their DIMENSIONAL PORTAL.


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