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Welcome to this week’s post on Invincible!

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WARNING! This post includes a summary and spoilers for Invincible #1, published in January 2003. Go check that comic book before reading forward, or don’t blame me for spoiling a plot twist or revelation.

Since we are going to review by issues, starting on the first issue of the series, I will not do an “overall” comment. Mark’s story will hopefully unfold as this series progresses…

Mark? Who is Mark?

Sure. Give me a minute…

INVINCIBLE #1 – Summary

Mark Grayson is the 17-year-old only son of Nolan and Debbie Grayson. From a young age, he has known his father is the Viltrumite alien superhero known as Omni-Man.

His powers finally kick in during his teenage years, including super-strength, stamina, endurance, speed, and flight. Fumbling his way on the learning, he escapes home to fight crooks at night for a couple of weeks until his father discovers him (in the middle of a fight with super-criminal Titan, who Mark knocks out easily).

Nolan takes his son to his tailor, Art, who designs a costume for him. In school, Mark stands up to a bully, pushing him—hard—into a locker. The principal warns Mark to be careful… after all, he is not “Invincible”. At this, the kid’s eyes light up.

A few days later, at a Savings & Loans, Mark shows up to stop an armed robbery, and Invincible is born.

Main Characters new in #1

Mark Grayson aka “Invincible”. (Datafile below)

Nolan Grayson aka “Omni-Man” (Datafile below)

Support Characters

Debbie Grayson. She is Nolan’s wife and Mark’s mother. She keeps to her home and has no job (other than educating his son). Psych Expert.

William. Mark’s best friend, in and out of school.

Titan. Small time villain who Mark defeats in a “practice run.” (Datafile below)

Art Rosenbaum. Prom dresses by day, powered armour and spandex by night, Art is the tailor for a large portion of the superhero community. Business Expert.


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Next week: Mark’s First Team-Up!! (part 1)





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