Exploring Invincible #2 – Mark’s first team-up (p.2)

Welcome to this week’s post on Invincible!

WARNING! This post includes a summary and spoilers for Invincible #2. Go check out that comic book before reading forward, or don’t blame me for spoiling a plot twist or revelation.


It is just a short post this week, for which I apologize.

But on the bright side, you get all the missing datafiles for Invincible’s #2! With Robot and Dupli-Kate, now you have the Teen Team in your hands to run amok Invinci-universe.

The Mauler Twins are presented today as well, two of the most fun and influential rogues in this series.

Hope you enjoy, and see you next post with Invincible #3! (Click a thumbnail to view the full pdf)


Teen Team

Invincible – aka Mark Grayson (previous post)

Rex Splode – aka Rex Sloan (previous post)

Atom Eve – aka Samantha Eve Wilkins (previous post)

Robot – Identity unknown

Robot Datafile Teaser

Dupli-Kate – aka Kate Cha

Support Characters

Mauler Twins

Mauler Twins Datafile Teaser

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